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2 nov. 2016

I was born to be alone

This is a poem I wrote two years ago, it talks about solitude as a good thing, as something to be enjoyed and celebrated. I hope you like it, if you do, let me know. 


I was born to be alone

To sail the stars upon the storms

To ride the mountains with my soul

To scream and sing the Song of God

To sense the things no one will feel

To Name the Scent of Freedom, to create the Code of Freedom

To see the invisible

To walk across a naked lake infatuated with the moon dancing with the night at a private banquet where everyone has been invited

Yet I come towards them, pretending to be human because no one ever taught me to be real

I watch them smiling, falling in love

As the new parade of cosmic creatures make entrance

And the stars invade with their apparel

─ they will shine when the day comes to die

The sky, the planets, the black holes going to the unknown


Life comes at the end
When the light is unleashed by the Sun

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Anónimo dijo...

excelente,pero se aprecia mejor en inglés.

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