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30 ene. 2017

He seeks your scent at night

He seeks your scent at night, he craves your eyes. And the heart that inhabits your head has become a sun that yawps in the horizon of your dreams. You seek his nose breathing the Ocean of Love, waiting for your flaming hair, melting with the desert’s jubilant fruit. Your body is no longer a forgotten sanctuary buried in dust, but a rapturous flower blossoming in eternal smile. And you wish your human voice would rather sing undiscovered words, crying an invincible song that overtakes the overtaken, master the powerful, soften the softest, cure the sane, enlighten the wise. The great mystery of your soul lies wide open in a handy forest darker than day, luminous as space.
He awaits your moon; carefully draws a map with starry powder of his inner sky.

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